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Your sports videos filmed with your smartphone are shaky? Tilted? Not well framed?

This is because you are too focused on the subject you want to film and not enough on the framing.

With the , many tools help you to concentrate on the quality of the frame, for a much better result!

Whatever the activity you want to film, take advantage of the many exclusive features of the to shoot videos like a pro

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the only video app with a soft zoom feature

Smooth zoom

Revolutionary! The only video app with a smooth zoom button. No more jerky videos with a 2-finger zoom.

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Roll indicator

Always keep your smartphone or tablet horizontal

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a runner filmed by the MOVE 'N APP on iPhone
shake indicator help on the MOVE 'N APP

Shake indicator

Avoid tremors for a smoother video

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Pitch indicator

Bring the subject to the desired level

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a runner filmed by the MOVE 'N APP on iPhone
soccer well centered thanks to the MOVE 'N APP on a iOs smartphone

Grid pattern

Place the subject on one third of the screen for more eye-catching videos

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No rush, time the start and end of the recording

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user the timer to start and stop recording when needed
break dance captured with the application MOVE 'N


Keep the subject in the center of the frame thanks to the target

it's free!

American football player filmed with the MOVE 'N APP on an iPhone


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Upload your footage, share it with full privacy management, enrich with drawings and comments, monetize your videos


Take courses or train remotely in real time on the Internet without having to move in person


Stream your video in live on Facebook


Send your videos by email, message, ...

access your videos easily


Find your videos easily on your phone or tablet thanks to the gallery.

And also (not mandatory)
Film with a robot

Film yourself automatically with your smartphone or tablet and a PIXEM robot

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Buy your PIXEM robot (not free ) >

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Film sport like a pro, smartphone or tablet in hand

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